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Quayside View

c. 1910
Oil on Panel

Wilhelm Holmgren was brought up by his aunt and initially trained as a painter in the Rorstrands Porcelain Factory, he later studied at the Stockholm Technical College from 1876-1880. In 1889 he travelled for the first time to Paris to help decorate the Swedish Pavilion at the World Exhibition. He returned to Paris in 1900 to further his studies and stayed for a decade studying under several influential Parisian artists and exhibiting at the Paris Salon. In around 1910 he returned to Sweden where he exhibited with success.


H 13.75" (34.92cm)
W 16.75" (42.54cm)
H 7.25" (18.41cm)
W 10.50" (26.67cm)

Ref No - 1413


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