Twilight over the River by Carl Johansson

Twilight over the River by Carl Johansson



Carl Johansson (1863-1944) Swedish
Carl Johansson was born in Sweden in 1863 and after a short formal education he quickly began to share the philosophy of the Impressionists and their understanding of light and colour. Johansson's paintings were acclaimed for their bold and fluid brushwork, which in this case give the painting depth and the water an appearance of movement. This harmonious signed and dated (1925) oil on canvas is a fine example of his impressionist technique. Johansson's work can also be seen in the Stockholm Museum of Art, he is increasingly acknowledged as one of the most important Swedish Impressionist artists.

Date on painting 1938. Oil on board. Signed on front.


Height 29 cm / 11 12"
Width 41 cm / 16 14"
Framed height 46 cm / 18 14"
Framed width 56 cm / 22 "